No Name Skincare Vs. Luxury Brand Skincare. What’s the Diff?

Oh there is quite the difference here when it comes to skincare. 

I personally believe that skincare is about a lot more than just ensuring it works and does what it says on the tin. It’s an entire artform with many tangible and intangible benefits. Some people compare skincare to food. They look at it like “well you wouldn’t eat wilted vegetables, so why would you use cheap or second rate products on your skin?” While this is a logical way to look at it, we feel that ones’ relationship with what they put on the largest organ of their body goes much further than that.

Here’s what you get when you choose to go luxury: 

High quality minerals ingredients. Unlike some brands that may have toxins and unknown chemicals, Glacyo uses the highest quality products. When you have the opportunity to put clean, fresh ingredients in/on your body, this is crucial.

Companies like Glacyo often use unique ingredients similar in philosophy to those incorporated into tropical skincare brands. Mineral clay that is ethically harvested can be absorbed directly into ones’ being. Your basic moisturizer couldn’t offer this level of enlightenment.

Support for innovation and local expertise. Testing, trials, conducting safe studies, these all take time. We focus on each and every ingredient, focusing mostly on our mineral clay, to ensure that we are always getting the best possible ingredients possible. This involves hiring local experts and manufacturers. 

Supporting diverse and female driven companies. Glacyo is run by Angelic Luong, hailing originally from Vietnam who is at the forefront of the company. Angelic routinely ensures that the company provides equal opportunities and hires female and diverse teams throughout. 

Cruelty-free, and 100% organic brand products.

The sustainable and ethical impact of the ingredients is next to none. One can rest well at night knowing the ingredients come from sustainable and ethical practices. Glacyo supports 1% for the planet, [an international organization whose members contribute at least one percent of their annual revenue to environmental causes to protect the environment. The aim is to offer accountability, prevent greenwashing and "certify reputable giving"]. Like many B-Corp certified organizations, quality skincare lines largely recognize that there’s more than just sales and shareholdings, infact a company’s impact and environmental footprint is almost as important as the product itself. Care goes into all connecting communities at each stage of production from research and design to label creation. 

In more poetic terms, there’s just something good for the soul that is involved with luxury skin care. 

When’s the last time you went swimming in the ocean, or for a long forest walk? The kind of forest walk in the mountains of North Vancouver where you can feel the condensation from the ferns on your face? Or the gentle sprinkle of a waterfall mist glazing over you as you walk along Mystic Beach? These “soul” elements can be felt in quality skincare brands. Your skin deserves the natural purity and hydration from nature. 

While the “feel good”  nature elements can be felt in the ingredients, they can be accounted for as well. Winter months can be harsh, whether we get outside or not, it’s hard to know how to keep the skin healthy, and protected from aging. Glacyo’s serum is excellent for this, made with real Baltic amber, one can sense that the skin is protected from the harsh realities of the world on those dark windy winter nights.  It's extremely important to ensure the epidermis is layered with the right products and ingredients that are healthy for the skin. These shouldn’t be smothering or over-bearing in any way. 

Glacyo is a brand that is always working with nature, safely experimenting with the overall essence. The brand gears to minimize unnecessary ingredients and to keep it simple. Whether one’s skin is sensitive, dry or in need of some TLC, rest assured that you will find these products to be an excellent organic fit into your skincare regime.

So during these upcoming winter months, remember that your skin care routine is a ritual, a way to make your heart sing and feel connected with nature. Quality, luxury ingredients from Glacyo will ensure that one’s skin is properly protected and ready to bloom in spring. And that, to me, is worth every penny.

By Florence Painter