GLACYO co-founders

GLACYO's team: Angelic Luong, founder (left) and Dr. Nhat Nguyen, chief scientist (right)

In 2012 when our CEO, lifestyle influencer and former exclusive distributor for Oriflame in Vietnam, Angelic Luong met Dr. Nhat Nguyen, an Oxford-educated scientist obsessed with formulating high-performing skincare products from natural and clean ingredients, their visions aligned and their first Asian-based skincare brand, Organicare was born. They spent 8 years researching, hunting and testing the most bio-active natural ingredients from around the world such as manuka honey and tamanu oil. Two of their top discoveries were the Amber Extract from Poland and the Glacial Marine Mineral Water found in the Pacific Northwest Coast of Canada — considered among the best waters in the world for the skin with excellent healing benefits. Now they are bringing their visions to the North American market with GLACYO, a Canadian-formulated skincare line for all genders and skin types leveraging the restorative properties of this fine mineral water. 

Famous for her youthful skin and joie de vivre, in her late 40s, Angelic truly lives an artful, intentional life. Today she runs countless charity events and cares for three children, is a patron of the arts, and a celebrity in her own right in Vietnam. She wants nothing more than to bring her passion for artful living to the world.

Dr. Nhat Nguyen was born and grew up in a small town in Vietnam, and today makes a positive impact on other people's lives as an international scientist. Her natural skincare research reveals that the key to a glowing, healthy complexion is more than skin-deep. It starts with a healthy lifestyle of clean foods, quality sleep, a harmonious environment, and a positive mindset. She formulates only the best natural products as a perfect “last step” in a holistic skincare routine.

Dr. Nhat Nguyen and Angelic together make a powerhouse female team bringing GLACYO’s premium skincare products to the world.

Live artfully. Live with intention.

At GLACYO, we inspire daily rituals of artful living through mindfulness and self-care with products you can trust. We understand healthy skin comes from a healthy lifestyle with pure and positive spirits. There’s no pill or product on its own can transform your skin over night. With the best ingredients sourced from nature and science-backed formulas, our skincare is made to enhance your skin health in all facets, so you can focus on celebrating your most artful, intentional life.

GLACYO is a natural mineral skincare line that simply works. After 8 years of research and development, hunting for the most-powerful ingredients around the world, we’ve proven that natural living doesn’t require giving up the results or the premium product experience you’ve come to expect from your skincare routine. We embrace the power of nature and science in keeping your skin healthy and happy without adding any fillers, irritating fragrances, and artificial colors.