Authentic Jade Roller Benefits

People worldwide swear by using this facial massage practice, otherwise known as jade rolling, in their nighttime and morning routines. Jade rollers are a small tool with a green gemstone at both ends. The tool is used by rolling in an upward motion over your neck and face and is typically compared to the beauty routine of Gua Sha. While the action seems simple, using one is known to have some incredible scientific and spiritual benefits.

The Spiritual Benefits of Jade Rollers: Jade rollers have been used as a spiritual practice for hundreds of years. They're known to help balance out your body's life force and protect against negative energy. Jade rolling helps stimulate your facial cells, which is known to restore your energy when it's out of whack due to skin issues, exhaustion, pain, fatigue, and anxiety.

The Scientific Benefits of Jade Rollers: There are many documented scientific benefits concerning the use of jade rollers that have both dermatologists and beauty bloggers hooked on this product. Jade rollers help diminish the appearance of fine lines, assist with lymphatic drainage, and increase blood circulation. Plus, it's even known to brighten your complexation and help with aging issues by naturally stimulating the collagen in your body and reducing any puffiness in your face.Jade Roller and Eye Cream GLACYO

How to Use a Jade Roller

It's easy to use a Jade Roller, just follow these five simple steps:

  1. Prep: You'll want to prep your face by cleaning it thoroughly and adding your favorite cream or serum to your face.
  2. Start at The Neck: From there, you'll want to use the big stone side of the jade roller and roll upwards on your neck with gentle pressure. Use small strokes on your neck and slowly make your way up to your chin.
  3. Move to The Face: Workaround the face using an outward rolling motion, starting at the middle of your face and rolling away to boost circulation. Be gentle on the stroke, as pushing too hard could leave red marks on your face.
  4. Use the Small Stone for Your Eyes: Use the smaller stone located on the other end of your roller to help your under-eye circles and puffiness. Roll from the corner of your eye and push outwards. Be very careful and gentle with your movements as this is a susceptible part of the face. You've now finished the process!
  5. Clean It: Before putting it away, you'll want to clean your jade roller with some water and baby shampoo or gentle soap.

Always Choose Genuine Jade Rollers

The benefits of jade rollers are clear. Investing in a jade roller can significantly improve your life. However, it's essential to make sure you choose a roller made out of genuine jade. 

Many manufacturers use fake jade, using other varieties of stone and dying them to look like jade. Using a fake product will not yield the benefits of a genuine jade roller and can be more harmful than helpful. Our authentic Nephrite jade face roller sourced from British Columbia, Canada is one of the few available on the market made with natural jade guaranteeing you'll get the fantastic benefits of a jade roller.