Celebrate Valentine’s Day - Even at a Distance

They say Valentine’s Day is for lovers, but given the challenges of quarantining and social distancing, you may be wondering how to keep the romance alive this holiday. Not to worry. While it may require us to get a little more creative with our date-planning, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate love in 2021.
Whether you are staying home with your sweetheart this year, or linking up long distance, we’ve compiled some of our favorite ideas to help you observe Valentine’s Day simply, safely and without sacrificing the sentiment.
Go On a Double Date with Mother Nature
Spending time together outdoors is a great way to connect with nature and each other. If you like long bike rides, sunrise hikes, camping in the mountains or long walks on the beach, the possibilities are pretty endless. You could plan a picnic in the park or in your own backyard, under the stars.
Should cold weather be an issue, there are plenty of fun winter activities to inspire romance as well. Embrace a little childlike fun by going sledding, building a snowman, making snow angels or even having a snowball fight. This will also give you the perfect excuse to cuddle up by a warm fire later.
Revive Old-Fashioned Romance
If distance has you feeling disconnected this Valentine’s day, consider mailing someone a handwritten letter or card. The surprise of getting a love note in the mail is something most of us rarely experience in a digital age. It’s a simple and inexpensive gesture, but one that can really demonstrate to your loved ones that you are thinking of them.
If you are lucky enough to be at home with your love this year, you might also enjoy celebrating with a trip down memory lane. You could re-watch your first date movie or cook up a candlelight dinner, recreating your first meal together.
Venture Out Virtually
In spite of all the challenges of quarantine, one silver lining is that we are finding new ways of connecting with the world from the comfort of home. You and your valentine needn’t live in the same city to attend the same online concert, poetry reading, comedy show, yoga or cooking class.
In fact, the breadth of options for virtual travel are also rapidly expanding. This might be your opportunity to explore Paris by way of virtual museum exhibits or have a double date with old friends in another time zone.
Unplug Together
If you and your partner have been working from home or logging a lot of hours in virtual meetings, spending more time on a computer might feel less than romantic. If this is the case, consider doing the opposite and celebrating with some much-needed digital detox.
Start the day by locking your devices away and cooking a healthy Valentine’s brunch together, or surprise your special someone with breakfast in bed. You could spend the day doing projects together, reading books or playing board games. Maybe even end the day with a romantic movie marathon. Just keep those phones on lockdown. Your inbox can wait until tomorrow.
Bring the Spa Home
While this might not be the year to book an extravagant couple’s massage or a girl’s day at the spa on Valentine’s, there are plenty of ways to bring the spa to you. This is something you can do to surprise your partner at home, or as a virtual spa party with friends. There’s also nothing wrong with treating yourself, as part of your solo self care.ultimate anti-aging duoA treatment we love for pampering your skin at home is our Ultimate Anti-Aging Duo, featuring our luxurious Amber Extract Eye Cream and Amber Extract Anti-Aging Serum. The simple ritual of applying these two products makes a perfect Valentine’s treat for singles and couples, and promotes professional spa results right at home.

“My partner and I have been using the cream and serum and love them! We have a small bathroom counter so it’s great for us to reduce the amount of products we keep. It’s also great to have something that works for both of us. For me especially, I have super sensitive skin and I’m happy to report no reactions or sensitivity... which is verrrrry rare for me and eye creams.”- Mike & Sarah, Vancouver 

At GLACYO, our mission is to “live artfully, live with intention” and we have created our products to help you do the same. In addition to treating your skin, we recommend indulging in extra touches like lighting your favorite scented candle, brewing a cup of herbal tea or turning on relaxing music to really replicate the spa experience.